Many of the videos/ stories/ pictures I’ve posted are motivational but sometimes people need advices or a ‘how to’ guide to walk forward.
Today I want to post a video about what to do in desilution moments or when somebody leaves your life. The video is in Spanish so I’ll write down the five tips exposed in there.

When desilution appears in our life:
1st – You have to understand every life is a road; you can share your way with other roads but you cannot possess them. Understand that some roads will not be next yours as long as you may want.
2nd – Dependence is the result of your insecurity. You are afraid of going futher of your comfort zone because you don’t know what you can find. So you need to revert this situation. How?
3rd – You have to take control of yourself. Why do you think the situation may not be better than in the past? Didn’t you know an awesome person in the past? Didn’t you live an awesome time? Why cannot this situation repeat? If you are aware of this, you can start changing what makes you feel insecure.
4th – To help in the last point you also may change your point of view. When there is a problem or a disappointment you can choose how to face it: you can cry and cry and think how miserable you are and act like a victim, or you can stop it and think about what did you make wrong to learn today’s lesson to try not to repeat the same mistakes in the future.
5th – Create space in your mind. If you want to live new experiences, to meet new people or whatever, you first need to empty your mind of what you had there before.