Once upon a time there was a bird. The bird had perfect wings with shiny and marvellous feathers. It was an animal made to fly free in the sky and to make happy everybody who saw it.

One day, a woman saw the bird and fell in love with it. She observed fascinated its flight, her heart beat faster and faster and her eyes shined of emotion. The bird asked her to fly together and they flew into the sky in complete harmony. She venerated, admired and adored the bird.

But one day she thought: “perhaps it will want to know distant mountains!” And the woman had fear. Fear of not having the opportunity to feel the same for another bird. And she felt jealousy of its capacity to fly. And she felt lonely. And then she thought: “I’m going to put a trap and next time the bird comes, it won’t leave.”

The bird, which was also in love with her, came the day after that, and it was trapped in a cage.

She looked at the bird every day. In the cage, she had the object of her passion and she showed it to her friends, who said: “You don’t lack anything”. But suddenly it started a transformation in her behaviour: she had the bird and she didn’t need to seduce it so she lost the interest in it. The bird couldn’t fly and express its life meaning and started to lose its shiny appearance and to look ugly.

One day, the bird died. She felt in a profound sadness and she couldn’t stop thinking about it. But she didn’t remind about the cage, she only reminded the first time she saw it, flying between clouds. She then realised that what had emotion her was its freedom and the energy of its wings when it flew.

Without the bird life started to have no sense and death came knocking to her door.

                        –   Why are you here? – asked the woman.

                        – To let you fly in the sky again – answered the death. – If you had let it go and came, you’d have loved it more. But now you need me to find it again.